Effortless relaxed style, Converse and a Maxi skirt

Dear bloggers,

My apologies for not blogging sooner this week, my sciatica has taken to a new level of pain and the drugs have left me feeling like a grogger… that’s prescription drugs for the pains and not recreational just incase you were wondering!

Now I am feeling perkier, probably thanks in part due to my online shopping order which arrived this morning – always puts a smile on my face! So I thought I should blog about some other things which make me happy and wanted to start with clothing, materialistic yes I know but two of my favourite things clothing-wise are my maxi skirts and my Converse trainers. They are so easy to throw on, comfortable and an easy quick style for a chilled weekend.

I’m not into pulling off the done up look, heels, immaculate tailoring and so on, I much prefer to wear a comfortable style, however now and again I will do the whole “done up” thing but mainly for parties and special occasions which my feet normally make me pay for in blisters afterwards!

I’ve trawled the web and found my favourite examples of other bloggers styling out the maxi skirt and Converse look – hope you enjoy 🙂

And credit and thanks to the bloggers and their photos.


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