blue buddha is my blog.

I’ve attempted blogs in the past but nothing stuck, this time I feel is the right time to start a blog, a blog on me, my likes, loves and beliefs.

I want to remain anonymous so as to express my true self, not that I don’t in real life, but I feel I can more uninhibited in a blog with anonymity. I’m female, 32 years young (old at times) and love creativity, spirituality, my family and also photography – mine when I can and appreciate others work too.

Why blue buddha?

Well I love Buddha, Buddha means many things to many people, for me Buddha is peace, spirituality, home, love. passion and just resonates with me.

The colour blue, I love the colour blue, so many variations, I especially love turquoise. But blue also means those down moments, sad times, things I experience now and again with anxiety. Blue also is the risqué side to me, perhaps… so not quite sure what this blog with uncover but I hope you enjoy my posts 🙂

blue x

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