When did we all stop writing? And what it has to do with painting…

I’m really enjoying writing my blog posts as I expect the millions of bloggers around the world also do. It got me thinking, when did we all stop writing?

I mean creative writing – when did we stop that? Thinking back when I was at school I used to pour my creativity and expression into my English writing projects, creating stories and characters; throughout college I would express myself through the written word and via textual analysis (something which I love and must get back into).

I guess creative writing stopped when I got my first proper job. It stopped because I had a job, the what to do’s, how to do’s and just got on and did it, there was no room for creativity within those first jobs – stick to the rules and you’ll get on fine. I liken it to painting by numbers, you know the number corresponds to a colour, as long as you get that right and paint within the lines you’ve done a good job, but where’s the creativity in that?

I think we could all do with painting outside the lines now and again, expressing ourselves through the written form, being creative and free in our expression and not confined to keep within the lines.

I guess as I get older my take on life has changed, I am a free being living in the Universe. I don’t conform to the rule book always, I use it as a guide, but ultimately we should also remember that normally the best ideas come out of leftfield and are born from creativity and not keeping to the rules stringently.

Go on, paint outside the lines, start writing some more… I reckon you’ll love it!

blue x


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