Joy (and happiness)

What is joy?

Joy to me is an internal feeling of pure happiness – that point where you don’t seek approval on anything, you just know it feels good, it makes you smile, chuckle, laugh out loud or hug someone.

I guess joy and happiness are the same. Or are they?

*Both Joy and Happiness are emotions where a person has feelings of contentment or satisfaction. But both these feelings may differ from each other based on the reasons causing the feeling and the nature of the feeling. J.D. Salinger once said “The fact is always obvious much too late, but the most singular difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is a solid and joy a liquid.”

A Comparison chart:

  Happiness Joy
Meaning: Happiness is an emotion in which one experiences feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense pleasure. Joy is the emotion of great or calm delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.
Causes: External sources: Events, Feelings Inward sources: God’s abiding presence
Emotion: outward expression of elation inward peace and contentment
Time frame: Momentary Always
Example: Winning a lottery will make one happy In the midst of trials and temptations joy is still present.

You can read more about Happiness and Joy here:

Back to my post…

I find myself often smiling to myself at nothing as a thought or memory flutters by and I am struck by this intense feeling of joy. People may look at me thinking why is she smiling to herself, that’s odd.

But why is it odd? It is the fear of the unknown. Someone may think she’s probably on day release from the local asylum, but open your hearts to the universe and there are so many joys surrounding you, you too can find yourself smiling aimlessly to yourself.

Joy is personal, you experience it but you can also give it too. By experiencing joy you are more likely to unwittingly share it through your new joyous demeanour. When you meet with joy and accept it fully in it’s many guises you embrace it and continue to seek it out. Joy is addictive, you want others to experience it and you breath in the world with a happier positive outlook.

I think it’s important to get some joy in your life. Smile, I hope my post shares some of it with you

blue x


This picture gave me joy 🙂

*Taken from

P.S A lovely blog I follow – Tiny Buddha shares this post, it’s another great example of joy and happiness: 

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